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About Us

Interested in artwork for The Old Republic, are ye? Look no further! This here dA group was built to serve one major purpose: showcase the artwork of our community's very fine artists.

Interested in having your own TOR art shown here for others to see? Say no more! Well actually, say a couple things. Start by hitting the "join group" button. Once I approve your request to join, you'll be able to submit art. Just make sure it goes in the right folder!

Also, all members can submit favorites or even blogs. We have a section in favorites for good reference pictures, so if you see a pose, or clothing design, or whatever that you think would make a good TOR picture, +fav it into our reference section so others can use it!

Thanks, and enjoy yourself as we geek out about this wonderful upcoming MMO!

Gallery Submission Guidelines

:bulletred: Featured folder are for finished & polished work only! Submit to the appropriate folder or it will be declined.

:bulletyellow: Since this is "Star Wars" keep everything appropriate. That means no NSFW artwork. We would like to keep this group clean.

:bulletyellow: You can only submit 5 deviations per day.

:bulletgreen: Gallery folder will be readjust from time to time, so if there's a gallery you think is missing, tell us!


:bulletgreen: Membership is open to ANYONE.

:bulletred: We run a strict no drama policy. Keep your immaturity to yourself.

Commission Artists

Click here to view a full list of active commission artists from within the group:…

Random from Featured

[WIP] SWTOR :: Warrior and Lightning :iconnuxcia:Nuxcia 2 0 Shae Vizla cosplay :iconnebulaluben:Nebulaluben 198 4 Talym SWTOR RP character :icondorexmix:Dorexmix 1 2 Dysfunctional Family :iconeufr1k:EuFr1K 13 3 Shae Vizla cosplay :iconnebulaluben:Nebulaluben 410 28
The story of Ajax Talon and Delphine Pavis
Disclaimer: Suggestive themes and maybe 3-4 'bad' words. All recognizable content belongs to Bioware & Electronic Arts
Many years ago Silas Talon and his wife Calista had 3 children. Their only daughter Nova was taken by slavers from a market when she was living on Tatooine and was never heard from again. The family had used their not inconsiderable resources to find her, but to no avail.
Their 2 sons Ajax and Magnus were the spitting image of their father; golden tanned skin, brown hair that was ‘rakishly unkempt’ or a ‘rat’s nest’ depending on which parent you asked. And both had the Talon piercing green eyes. Ever member born into the family had them. If they weren’t, a DNA test was usually ordered.
They both also made their living the same way their father had before them; as bounty hunters/smugglers. They had smuggled anything and everything except slaves, and had taken up bounties that caught their eyes to cover any expenses the smuggling d
:iconrle3630:rle3630 0 0
Firebird- Part 1
Title: Firebird- Part 1
Author: rle3630
Characters/Pairing: Female Smuggler & Corso Riggs
Disclaimer: All recognizable content belongs to Bioware & Electronic Arts, except Ace who belongs entirely to herself
Ord Mantell
Captain Amarria ‘Ace’ Pheonix pulled a hard right as she maneuvered her ship out of the way of incoming fire from the air defense cannons on the ground. She gritted her teeth as she finally saw an opening and landed her ship, Firebird, into the waiting landing dock and took a much needed deep breath.
Well that got the adrenalin pumping she thought to herself as she unbuckled herself from the pilots’ seat, lowered the loading ramp and made her way out into the hanger. Better go smooth from here or someone’s gonna pay.
A man with dark brown shoulder length hair and a black tribal tattoo covering half of his face was waiting to greet her as she walked off the ramp, surveilling her surroun
:iconrle3630:rle3630 0 0
BeastieArmoredcolored :iconcarrowbrown:CarrowBrown 6 0 Couva :iconcarrowbrown:CarrowBrown 11 2 Cuova :iconcarrowbrown:CarrowBrown 2 0 Last sketch of 2015 :iconcarrowbrown:CarrowBrown 3 0
Mature content
Beas'tie sleeping WIP :iconcarrowbrown:CarrowBrown 0 0
Beastieback WIP :iconcarrowbrown:CarrowBrown 1 3 Sirgur :iconcarrowbrown:CarrowBrown 0 0 Ruus'an 2 :iconcarrowbrown:CarrowBrown 2 0
It's that time again!  A couple of years have gone by, some new faces are here, some old ones have gone their own way... and the SWTOR admin team finds itself with a few openings!

It's a relatively relaxed job with only a couple simple job descriptions:

* Approve any member who would like to join the group.
* Approve/Deny artwork based on two criteria: (must be directly related to SWTOR the MMO, must be PG13)
* Rearrange the artwork into the appropriate folders (do not deny someone for submitting to the wrong folder, simply approve it and move it)
* Select great artwork and move it to the featured folder.

It's very low stress, and the act of having multiple admins means if you need to take some time away, there are others to have your back.  We try to keep it as inclusive to members as possible.  As long as the artwork is TOR related and fits within the realm of PG13, we approve it.  There's never any drama of "why wasn't my piece good enough?!" or anything silly like that.

If you're interested in this spot, please send me a note and I'll review with you and see if you are a good personality match.
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TheElvenJedi Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I thought I'd double check for future reference, but what would your policy on art featuring same-sex couples be? ;3;
it would all be clean, nothing beyond flirting etc. and not NSFW as I know that's against your rules XD I can even put it under and "ideologically sensitive" filter if that would be required to avoid offending people o.o
some groups are really strictly-anti and consider that in and of itself as "NSFW" and I'd like to know before I tried submitting anything in future and got flamed or punished for it if it wasn't allowed...
KnHawke Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017
Good question, but one that needn't be asked ;)
The rules do not state that same sex to be disallowed, only smut bordering on porn is (of any kind)
Hell, it all basically boils down to, is the scene in the SWTOR Timeline? Not Clone Wars, Not Rebels, nor the New Hope to RoTJ lines.

Hope that clears things up :) 
TheElvenJedi Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah they're in the SWTOR era so it'd be relevent to the group from that point of view, it's just I've seen a lot of groups forbidding anything to do with gay/lesbian couples in it just for the reason that they were gay/lesbian couples so I thought I would check ^^;

That helps a lot, thank you! :)
KnHawke Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017
You're Welcome! :)
Looking forward to seeing your work soon! :D
Tyrannuss555 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Are you allowed to put in your own stuff in the group as long as it's set during the old republic era or does it have to follow the game?
AshfireMage Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't see any reason why not!
KnHawke Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016
To answer your question: Yes and Yes :P
Yes, it should be in the Old Republic Era and yes, it can follow the game; either or works.
Tyrannuss555 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
That drawing isn't set during the rise of empire arc
AshfireMage Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I could have sworn it said something about her in the description... Go ahead and resubmit it and I'll let it in.
Tyrannuss555 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
It was really a reference. What I really was meant to say was she isn't like her ancestor because Ventress' clan are banished. 
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