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Things to Know

About Us

Interested in artwork for The Old Republic, are ye? Look no further! This here dA group was built to serve one major purpose: showcase the artwork of our community's very fine artists.

Interested in having your own TOR art shown here for others to see? Say no more! Well actually, say a couple things. Start by hitting the "join group" button. Once I approve your request to join, you'll be able to submit art. Just make sure it goes in the right folder!

Also, all members can submit favorites or even blogs. We have a section in favorites for good reference pictures, so if you see a pose, or clothing design, or whatever that you think would make a good TOR picture, +fav it into our reference section so others can use it!

Thanks, and enjoy yourself as we geek out about this wonderful upcoming MMO!

Gallery Submission Guidelines

:bulletred: Featured folder are for finished & polished work only! Submit to the appropriate folder or it will be declined.

:bulletyellow: Since this is "Star Wars" keep everything appropriate. That means no NSFW artwork. We would like to keep this group clean.

:bulletyellow: You can only submit 5 deviations per day.

:bulletgreen: Gallery folder will be readjust from time to time, so if there's a gallery you think is missing, tell us!


:bulletgreen: Membership is open to ANYONE.

:bulletred: We run a strict no drama policy. Keep your immaturity to yourself.

Commission Artists

Click here to view a full list of active commission artists from within the group:…

Gallery Folders

Rio Ca'tal (Twi'lek on the Beach) by amberbrite
Oona the twi'lek smuggler by LexTwileks
Mission Vao (Kotor) by Elucidator
Swtor - OC portrait 5 by Polyne55
Lineart and Shading
Sketchbook #61 Perfect Monster by Kiara2909
Dear Friends 2 by DeMarchese
star wars - Anoat by tashamille
Quinn Step 10 by Beowulf1976
2016 09 10 Valkorion and Rayquaza by IronicBarks
Lady of the Sith by SaydousArtCorner
Darth Nox by SaydousArtCorner
Observation by Danmaro
Cel Shaded
'Fancy Spy Man' by Glorfinniell
SWTOR - Theron Shan KOTFE time redesign by lealin
Unchained Melody by VenneccaBlind
Happy Father's Day by AnimeCrossoverMania
Digital Painting
Biker Kitty by Ninnydoodles
SWTOR Lana by Kistehvost
SWTOR Fanart: Lord/Darth Zash Portrait by KittyCatRainbow
Undercover by Dandelyonn
3D Rendering
Shorja (The Force Hound) by Arcanious
Summer Beach Fun 01 by 0biwanken0bie
Fern Wonder Women Cosplay 01 by 0biwanken0bie
Mirror, Mirror on the wall by EngelsSchwert
Cosplay and Photo Manipulation
Shae Vizla cosplay by Nebulaluben
Shae Vizla cosplay by Nebulaluben
Shae Vizla cosplay by Nebulaluben
Goooooooooooooood boy! by MullinstheGreat
ADOPTS [closed] : Togrutas by Meet-our-Maker
SWTOR: Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter by BojanaJokic
Smuggler and Jedi by BojanaJokic
This is the last of the filler I swear! by Vixen11
Wallpapers and User Interfaces
Lindos by takmaj
Doc Stamp by Lynaryes
Cover Art: Crim Against Droids by vadess40
Cover Art: Va'io's Sniper Rifle by vadess40
Pixel Art
[SWTOR] Ven Pixel by Kodghar
A collection of lightsabers (Ignited) by Kyneris
Mistletoe Cinnamon Roll by MamaCrab
Jawa balloon by Aiecan
Fan Fiction
Riddle of the Sand People by lordhadrian

Random from Featured

It's that time again!  A couple of years have gone by, some new faces are here, some old ones have gone their own way... and the SWTOR admin team finds itself with a few openings!

It's a relatively relaxed job with only a couple simple job descriptions:

* Approve any member who would like to join the group.
* Approve/Deny artwork based on two criteria: (must be directly related to SWTOR the MMO, must be PG13)
* Rearrange the artwork into the appropriate folders (do not deny someone for submitting to the wrong folder, simply approve it and move it)
* Select great artwork and move it to the featured folder.

It's very low stress, and the act of having multiple admins means if you need to take some time away, there are others to have your back.  We try to keep it as inclusive to members as possible.  As long as the artwork is TOR related and fits within the realm of PG13, we approve it.  There's never any drama of "why wasn't my piece good enough?!" or anything silly like that.

If you're interested in this spot, please send me a note and I'll review with you and see if you are a good personality match.
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Evometheus6082 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter…
Most happy news the jedi can wed without becoming evil
Aeternalus Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Does anyone here play on the Harbinger server? <3 Trying to make friends 
Tsu-gambler Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the request! <3 
MadnessInMeadow Featured By Owner Edited May 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you ever going to feature artist who take commissions again? :) It seems to be a wonderful idea for promotion and would be great if it was repeated. 
KnHawke Featured By Owner May 14, 2016
I certainly have no problem with that, just have little clue as to who takes commissions anymore ;P
Nermsters Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I had a question for Star Wars fans! I plan on making a role-play group in the near future...However I am uncertain if I should only draw from material considered canon, or from the 'legends' non canon material as well?

Particularly with the skill tree, if i should include 'non canon' force abilities. Let me know what you guys think, personal opinions and such on the matter!
BojanaJokic Featured By Owner Edited Jan 29, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Hi! I would just like to add my opinion. I would and I am drawing from the legends. I simply find it more interesting but also more flexible which is very important to me. Good luck!
AshfireMage Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It depends on what you're going for. At this point, I think it depends on what you'd prefer. If you're a fan of the legends continuity, go ahead and use it! If you're not, or you don't feel confidant drawing from that much material, or whatever else, stick to the new cannon. Personally, I'd use legends, but that's entirely personal preference.

However, one thing I will say from all the rp experience I've had: Once you pick one, stick with it. Not only is it going to be massively confusing to your players if some material from the other continuity is acceptable and some isn't, but you will always have that one player who will try to justify weird things that don't make sense in your world with "but the other cannon is ok with it, and we take some things from than cannon, so why not this!"

As for skill trees... it depends on how exactly you're running your roleplay (one done in the style of a classic tabletop rpg will obviously have different rules than one that's completely free-form), but in general I'd say use whatever powers are appropriate for the cannon you're using. HOWEVER, don't forget that there's an inherent gap between what happens in gameplay and what's continued cannon from a story standpoint. For example, in most games, Force Healing is pretty much a standard heal ability from a mechanical standpoint- you wait a cast time or sit and meditate for a few seconds, and your health comes back. But in pretty much every other form of media, Force Healing is depicted as more of an acceleration of the body's normal processes. Very powerful, yes, but not instantaneous, and definitely limited by the skill of the force user as to how much can actually be done. Another example would be that most games give various powers auras, flames, flashes of light, and other assorted visual effects. We don't see any of this in the movies, so I'm pretty sure they just added it for visual interest and ease of gameplay.
Filiasyth-V Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Thank you for the accept.

Just wanted to check if it's permissible to use quotes from the game in my TOR art (or in the comments, in the description, whatever.) I feel like that's OK seeing as we all know what/who I'm referencing (and as long as I credit SWTOR appropriately), but it doesn't hurt to check :)

KnHawke Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015
I agree with ya on all points, so long as you appropriately credit each source in the TOR eu, all is good :)
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